The importance of servicing

At Foreshore Caravans Mandurah we have a dedicated service area in the workshop, specifically designed for this purpose, allowing us optimal conditions to complete the highest standard service on your caravan.

Caravans should be serviced prior to any large trip and otherwise at regular intervals, but at least at each 10,000 kms. If you have purchased a second hand caravan, it’s a good idea to have it serviced prior to you using it.

Servicing your caravan is an integral part of proper caravan maintenance and without regular and appropriate maintenance you are posing a risk to yourself and others on the road.

What is included in a service?

  • Inspect and de dust brakes
  • Check and re pack wheel bearings
  • Adjust handbrake
  • Check tyres and tyre pressure
  • Check and re grease suspension
  • Check chassis
  • Check coupling operation and bolt tension
  • Check chains
  • Check operation of jockey wheel
  • Check and secure any low lying hoses
  • Check all exterior lights for operation and cracks
  • Check battery connection
  • Check operation of awning
Sketch Of Red Car Pulling A Yellow Caravan In Obvious Need Of A Service - Caravan Servicing Mandurah